Hot Nude Twinks – Corbin Colby and Leo Frost

Former school wrestler, Corbin Colby and sweet looking twink, Leo Frost star in this bareback gay twink video that has filmed and released by Helix studios which is an award-winning site that has almost 4,000 hardcore nude twink movies.

The Stars Of The Twink Show

Corbin Colby is a fit looking bisexual nineteen-year-old from Virginia Beach. Besides being a former helix studios model, he was also an MMA fighter and is a fantastic dancer. He has a smooth lean body, a couple of tats, and thick juicy lips that were made to suck cock. He is five feet ten inches tall with brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and he is versatile with an eight-and-a-half-inch dick.
Leo Frost is a slender twenty-one-year-old hot nude twink from Florida, although he looks like he hasn’t even left school as yet. His slender frame is smooth all over, and he loves to go out in boats and likes getting wet. He is five feet six inches tall, has brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and he is a hungry bottom and has a six-inch dick.

The Adult Gay Twink Movie

Leo is lying fast asleep on the couch when his boyfriend, Colby Corbin, comes home feeling all hot and horny. He plants wet kisses all over Leo’s sweet innocent face and soon wakes him up. They kiss tenderly, and as Leo has woken up with a hard boner, they soon get down and dirty.
Now he is fully awake, Leo is hungry, and is quick to yank Corbin’s pants down and get that big thick cock down his greedy young throat. He sucks just on the end of Corbin’s cock as he grabs the base of it, and slowly he sinks that thick slab of meat deeper into him. Corbin loves his little cock-sucker and lets him take as much of it as he can. Keen for some cock action himself, he gets down, takes Leo’s cock into his mouth and gobbles it until Leo’s balls are almost in his mouth as well.

Leo gets on his back, pulls his knees up to his smooth chest, and spreads his legs. Corbin kneels down, puts his hands on those hairless cheeks, and licks that musky tasting hole all over, then darts his tongue in and out like a snake. Leo is moaning and groaning with lust, and his lust knows no bounds when he feels Corbin’s finger sliding into his soaking wet hole. He carries on fingering and licking that ass until his dick craves more attention, and Leo also needs something bigger in his ass.
Corbin sits up on the bed, and as Leo squats over him, he spreads his ass cheeks and sits down hard on Corbin’ toy. They kiss some more, and with Corbin’s helix porn toy firmly lodged in his hungry asshole, Leo bounces up and down on his dick like he is having the best ride of his life down at the funfair.

The fucking intensifies as they fuck each other mercilessly like there is no tomorrow, and they make the most of the bed space. Leo Frost then stands up, bends over, and as he spreads those twinky cheeks, Corbin waists no time at all as he rams that cock straight up and into that now well-fucked hole. There seems to be no stopping these two; fucking like animals on heat, the feeling in Leo’s balls cannot be ignored any longer. He frantically strokes his dick, and with Corbin still banging away at him, his cock explodes with his young man-juice spills it all over the place. With a cry from Corbin Colby at the Helix Studios, Leo spreads his cheeks open again, and he feels hot cum filling him up and leaking out of his fucked asshole. Corbin thrusts his cock into him a few times as he empties his balls into him, and as he takes that cock out, cum dribbles out of Leo’s ass and down the back of his thighs.

Wow, what a way to wake up. If I had been Leo, I would have done the same thing. Colby’s cock is not one to ignore, and Leo knows how to ride it. These two make a gorgeous couple on Helix Studios, and watching these twinks gets naked is a fantasy cum true.